Kevin on living life to the fullest

Mine feels like a life of some dramatic defining events over the past few weeks. I had the privilege of being in South Africa for the FIFA Soccer World cup, which has been widely acclaimed as a huge success. Along with millions of others, not least of all the African people who proudly hosted this stunning event, without hiccup and with almost relative ease on their continent for the first time in history, I felt part of the tournament. To feel in the middle of what is without doubt a world spectacle, feeling the excitement and anticipation of each play in every game, knowing folks from every corner of the world were also watching, is simply euphoric. In so many respects, which has only become clear in my mind after the fact, it was a defining event in my life.

It felt that no sooner had the final whistle been blown, the last cargo plane loaded to return its precious load back to its home destination, the last banner removed from the skyline, that news came in that my dear beloved friend who has been battling leukemia for the past 18-months had been given days to live. In what felt like free-fall from the sky to earth, so the days slowed down and the clock stopped. Alone with his twin girls of 5-years old and loving wife, my dear friend faced is last few days in what has been described to me as peace and calm after the most terrifying of personal battles with physical and emotional pain. As word was quietly passed along of his death, and in the days thereafter leading up to the memorial service celebrating his life, it felt like the world around me was frantically active and completely oblivious to my existence. I could not stop thinking about what, if anything, my dear friend would have changed had he known two years ago what he knew in his dying days with his loved ones. In every respect, this sad loss has been a defining event in my life.

So what, if any, relevance does this have with a Bosley hair restoration you may ask?  Well my answer is pretty simple. The reminder of these events has been for us to live our lives to the fullest, live like today might be your last. Do the things which bring you and your loved ones joy, because who knows what tomorrow holds. If getting your hairline or hair density back is what will bring you happiness, as it did me, get it done. The second reminder these past weeks and events have had for me is that it is sadly so often only after the fact that you realize the full impact of a defining event on your life. For me, amongst the many such events in my own life as I have reflected so hard in the past few days, so too has my Bosley hair restoration been a defining event in my life.

Rest in peace my dear friend Jono. I miss you already.

- Kevin


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