Kevin and his new hairline return home for the FIFA 2010 World Cup

The FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa is a yet another defining moment in history from many respects, and one which I am privileged to be attending at the moment.  It is the first time the world's most popular sports pinnacle event is being held in Africa.  It is the first time South Africa has ever hosted such a large event in its beautiful country. It is the first time many, many foreign tourists from every corner of the globe have visited South Africa, and would likely never have done so unless drawn by such a magnificent event where they come to support their nations and beloved countrymen representing their home country in the tournament. On the other hand, it marks the first time many South Africans will meet, first hand, people from various nations they would otherwise never have met, while proudly hosting them in their home country.

The real defining moment of the event is far more subtle, and yet unbelievably powerful to be witnessing. South Africa, as you may know, is a country with a historically painful past so terribly torn by racial divide and the apartheid rule which entrenched this divide for the latter half of last century. While now a relatively young, vibrant democracy, with the legal segregation of apartheid having ended over a decade ago, the real transformation into harmony amongst all races is still work in progress. The miracle of the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup is simple for everyday South Africans. For a country so loving of its sport, until this event, soccer has been almost entirely dominated and followed exclusively by the black majority population. By bringing the mammoth event to South Africa, it has brought the non-black minority groups strongly in support of the country's national team, Bafana Bafana, while also uniting all citizens to host the event to a standard which exceeds all hosts before them in the tournament's long history. Such unity will amongst every-day South Africans will outlast the final whistle of the final match of the event, and as such makes this yet another important defining moment in South Africa's history.

Experiencing this event first-hand, and the effect it is having on its people, is making me better understand how seemingly simple events or activities can have such positive lasting impacts on one's life.  As is the case for many South Africans currently, the real enormity of such an event is so often only really realized much later after the fact. In a very similar way, a seemingly simple event for me like having Bosley hair restoration procedures has had significant long-term benefits which I am only now starting to realize the enormity of.  

Having not seen any of my many friends or family who live in South Africa since my Bosley hair restoration, coming back to the country of my origin at such a momentous time in its history has also resulted in a very significant effect on me. While not a single friend or family member has correctly pinpointed my physical appearance change to my hair restoration procedure, the affects of the procedure however have not gone unnoticed. Comments from "you look good" to "ma bru (common South African slang for "my brother"), don't you ever get older!" are just some I have recieved over the past weeks. I think for me however the most unbelievable testament of the benefit of having Bosley hair restoration was from my own mother. I did not mention to her all those months back when I had undergone the procedure, and on returning to South Africa and seeing her for the first time since, she remarked "you look good my boy, America must be treating you well". To date I still have not mentioned anything about my procedure to her. If my own mum has yet to notice that the change is a return of my previous hairline and density, then I honestly think the outcome of my restoration procedure is the closest thing to "normal" possible with no noticeable side effects what so ever, as if there were any surely a mother would never miss them on her only son?  Bosley you rock guys, well done!

- Kevin


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