Q: What are the costs of a Bosley Hair Transplantation Procedure?

A lot of people are curious about the cost of a Bosley hair transplantation procedure.  Naturally, this is one of the deciding factors for many men and women in terms of whether or not to move forward with a hair restoration surgery.

Most places that do follicular unit transplantation procedures (like Bosley) charge on a per-follicle basis; and generally, the higher the number of follicles the lower the “per-follicle” charge.  So, for instance, if you choose to do 1600 follicular transplants instead of 800, it doesn’t double the cost.

If your situation only requires a low (usually under 1,000) number of hair transplants to cover your bald spot, the cost is $9.50 per follicle. At the other end of the scale, you pay about $5.50 per follicle if you need a lot of transplants. Bosley also offers financing, with a number of different terms. There are a lot of options, so I’ll give you some examples: If you get, say, 600 grafts, you’ll pay $9.50 per graft. The cost of the procedure is $5,700. On a 60-month term, the monthly payment is around $118. If you double that, and get 1200 grafts, you’ll pay $8.00 a graft. The total cost of the procedure would be $9,600, and the monthly payment on a 60-month term would be about $199. At the other end of the spectrum, let’s say you get 3000 grafts (this will likely take more than one sitting, by the way). You’ll pay $5.50 a graft, and the total cost would be $16,500. The lowest monthly payment on this amount would be approximately $342. You could also go for a shorter term on the financing, in which case your payments go up (of course).

When I first learned of the costs associate with hair transplantation, I was a bit surprised.  However, having gone through the procedure myself, I feel that I understand the value. I had 1900 grafts done during my procedure, which took an entire day. During that day, I had Dr. Winans and an entire team of nurses and technicians dedicated to the success of my hair restortion. In totall, there were 7 or 8 trained professionals devoted to my procedure for an entire day. Also, all of the anesthetic and pain medications are included – as are a number of post-operative hair and scalp care products. So overall, I felt like I understood why the price was somewhat high.

The other side of the coin, of course, is – how much would you pay to have a full head of hair for the rest of your life?

It all depends on your perspective, and your own personal desire regarding your hair and hair restoration. The good news is, now you have options if you don’t want to be bald!


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I wanted to know if this hair transplant can be done on black men.I am very anxious

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I believe that this type of procedure is an investment. The type of results that one will achieve is priceless, and the results actually last.

Kirsty Wallace

I am a 31 year old woman who has had Cancer 7 times, in different locations. My last surgery was for Brain cancer and unfortunately my hair did not come back, because of the radiation. I am still fighting. Now though I have another Brain tumor for which I take chemo, and I have to take every night before I go to bed forever. I wanted to get my hair back.... But at this point, I don't know if anyone would want to help me. I just really feel like if I had my hair back, it would make feel better. I know what You might be thinking, why does she need it. Bur I am unattached and wearing a wig is fine but it just makes me feel sad.
Any Advice for me? Thank you!


I would agree with the article above as far as costs go, but have found they will vary depending on the doctor you decide to go with. Getting a hair transplant is a personal choice and one that I think can greatly bring back your self confidence. If you can get the reuslts your looking for then I don't think that you can really put a price on feeling great about yourself again.

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Very useful info. Hope to see more posts soon!

Della Foster

I am woman of 56. I have always had thin fine hair but now I am going bald. I have always donated my time to all my foster kids and family. We were foster parents for about 9 years, and fostered about 50 plus kids. I don't have the money to get hair transplant, but I don't want to be bald. We are not foster parents now,but we have 2 biological and 5 adopted children. Children that their families didn't want or the state denied them custody. We are older parents and still have a 7 and 9 year old to raise. We have never had a savings and are in-debt. I have had to go back to work out of the home, to help out. Do you have any type of discounts.


Not everyone looks good bald so those who say its a waste of of money, consider my case, i already have a big forehead so as i bald it just looks really bad. Im know im not the only one.


I have a really quick question. Can I have a transplant donor other than myself? My Mother says she will give me her hair.


I have scared alopicia. Will it work for me?

Orlando Junk Car

Thank you for posting this helpful article. I am currently looking into bosley.

Grow back your hair

Thank you for the great share.I’m sure lots of people will benefit to this share.Please keep me updated of any new information that you will have.Will definitely share this to my friends for them to be aware also.Thanks and good luck.


To James:

For most people, hair transplant will last a lifetime. Donor hair (to be transplanted) is DHT resistant. So when they are transplanted to the areas needing hair (mostly top and front), the new hair will grow and behave like the DHT resistant donor hair. In some cases, a patient may experience a small amount of hair loss over time, but this is a natural progression of hair growth.

Bosley's website actually offers information you are looking for. From their own site:

"Androgenetic Alopecia, or "male pattern baldness," occurs in men whose hair follicles are sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. Over time, DHT-sensitive hair (usually found on the top and front of the head) becomes weaker, finer, and eventually stops growing. However, even men who experience advanced hair loss have healthy hair follicles around the sides of the head that last a lifetime. Even though these healthy hairs are exposed to DHT, they are resistant to this hormone and survive for a lifetime. "

Hope that helps!



The reason that you will never have to worry about DHT related hair loss again after a transplant is because your scalp contains several different types of "hairs". Some of them are basically immune to DHT, and when transplanted, take the physical place of the old shedded hairs and remain immune.

"The hair in the donor sites are usually not affected because there are different follicle receptor sites which do not bind to the DHT."


Men start going bald because of DHT. So my question is if a guy is losing hair from to much access DHT and if he gets bosley hair transplant done, what is keeping this new hair from being attacked by DHT and falling out again? That would be a waste of money. I haven't heard of any explanation about this. Does anyone know where this information can be found on the internet?

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From what i know, costs will depend upon who you go to and where your hair loss is on the chart that shows different degrees of hair loss.


I am a hair stylist and I had a male customer yesterday who had the Bosley treatment. I couldn't believe it when he told me after I finished. He said he had 1200 transplants and it looked awesome. I couldn't tell at all, even after he pointed it out. He had it does 2 years ago. My co worker who's known him since then said his scalp was covered in scabs and bled a lot for a few months so the recovery wasnt fun. He told me it took 9 months to fully recover and start growing hair normally. He is going back this week to do some more because he started balding on the rest of the top of his head where he didn't have the transplants. So all in all the cost is high but it looks fabulous and if you have the money I'd recommend it.


O.K., I have posted here before and I wanted to provide an update. I have now had added 2718 grafts to my head from Bosley (They do a very professional job too!). It looks terrific. My last procedure was 1818 grafts. I received some free ones in there. Overall, counting the old plugs, I have now had about 3500 grafts. I still need probably around 1200 grafts to finish me up and account for possible future hair loss. I absolutely hate the strip graft method. It makes your skin tight (but only for about 6 months) The numbness is a drag too, but goes away in about three months. I believe I will opt for the FUE individual grafts next time, it will cost more but it is far less invasive. Also beware of mega sessions, they wipe you out man, they're exhausting and hard on your health. Don't go over 900 grafts at a time, you'll feel better afterwards (Just a caution). I would say to anyone considering Hair transplants, SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR IT! IT'S EXPENSIVE TO FINISH! Ol Mother nature doesn't like being cheated out of robbing you of your hair and youthful appearance. She wants to take it from you, and if you want to win that battle, you'll have to fight and a war costs money. Just ask George Bush. ;)

Collateral Management

Interesting article.


I would like to say to all u men and young guys thinking about having a procedure done, don't waste ur money! My husband had a head full of curly hair and I loved it and he started losing it around 17 and completely lost the top by the time he was 22, he's now 26 and it use to bother him, but he just shaves his head and it looks great. Bald men are very attractive too. I know that at times it makes him feel old, but he has been hit on more sine he's been shaving his head then he ever did when he had a head full. If u have money to be throwing away every few years than go for it. We don't we have more important things we want with our money. There is a woman out there for every bald man. :-) hang in their guys!!!

Bill M

My 18 year old son has had a successful bone marrow transplant. It has been two years since and his hair on the top of his head is not returning as hoped. I was wondering if medical insurance will sometimes cover the expense of the hair transplants?

mechelle carper

My husband was in an accedent at his work. He had 3 200lbs of steel coil land on him. He had 20 stiches just on the outside of his head. We have noticed that his hair is not coming back in that area were he had the stiches. Is there any way this would be covered under works comp?


I want to thank this website for the information you're providing. More information allows each individual to make a decision for their own circumstance.

Having seen the high cost and mediocre results, I'm definitely not interested in hair transplants anymore. Hair pieces are totally out of the question. So now I can leave any anxiety in the past and be satisfied being bald for life.

There is a bit of rationalization in these next statements, but I just have to express my opinion anyway. For those men whose self esteem is taking a hit. Have you ever seen a completely gorgeous woman with small breasts? Of course you have. Some women are self conscious about their small breasts when they shouldn't be. For men with thinning or bald hair, it's the same. Do you really want to be with someone who cares if you're bald? If so, a bald head is not your only problem and maturity will help you get over that.


I have been losing my hair slowly ever since my senior year of high school. It started with a receding hairline and the back of my head but it is now on the top and is hard to hide. To be honest its killing my self esteem I tried Rogain but gave up on it because of how impractical it is to apply twice a day everyday for the rest of your life. I am in the military so I am almost always wearing headgear. Can that be the reason my hair loss has picked up? I really hope to get the Bosley procedure done one day but right now its just not affordable for me. Any tips on thickening my hair?

daisy carey

Hey everyone. I need some advice. I have a huge crush on this guy who I know is balding. He's in his early 20's, and I know he's self conscious about it, because he never EVER Goes anywhere without a hat. I only know he's balding because I saw a picture which was taken awhile ago. I don't care about his hair, but I am concerned about his self esteem. How can I get him to realize that he doesn't have to hide behind a cap...I think he's hot regardless, and I want him to be able to go hatless...at least around me!


Had my hair transplant done at Bosley around 2002. They did a beautiful job, problem is within two and a half years I started losing my hair again, including the transplanted hair. Now I have less hair than I did before I even had the transplant! I am so disappointed. I don't have the resources for another transplant, nor do I have enough donor hairs left anyway. I am now finding out that transplants work better on men than women. Wish I could ask Bosley for my money back.

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